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  • “In gratitude, dream, ask, believe and know that it is yours! Those magical words from @aerial_yoga have meant so much to me for the past 3 years, and they are truer now than ever before! I’m so grateful for the path that I’m on, how everything’s falling into place, and for my aerial community and the constant flow of love and inspiration that it brings.”





  • “I received this in the mail- “Aerial Yoga Teacher Training” When have you received an engraved plaque for yoga training? Every yoga training I have completed, I recieved an 8 X 11 paper or pdf. Maybe even a “hug” too in replace of the “paper” (not complaining, love the hugs) THIS beautiful certification is just one example of how @aerial_yoga + @yogaliv go above + beyond with the intention, education, love + pure yoga awesomeness that they put into their Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings. Thank you two beautiful ladies for bringing a bit of sunshine to this gray + rainy Seattle Saturday!”

  • “Loving the upside down during @galaxylifestyle Aerial Yoga Teacher Training. Friends, we are GLOWING + loving this training. It’s been one of my best yoga training experiences and I HIGHLY reccomend to anyone looking to advance their practice or learn more about getting in tune with your body. Builds so much body awareness + therapeutic with the supported inversions. Thank YOU @yogalive + @aerial_yoga for creating an educational, amazing, intentional + soul nourishing experience. Look forward to sharing the aerial yoga love.”


  • “So on some days, this is what I call my JOB. And it makes me laugh. Everything about this practice brings me pure joy! Becoming an aerial yoga teacher was one of the best decisions I have ever made. And you can do it in just one weekend! I have spent the last few years working with the amazing instructors leading this training and I can’t say enough good things about each one of them! @aerial_yoga you are an angel and I am so happy that I have had you here to guide me throughout this life changing practice! #aerialyoga #aeriallife #galaxylifestyle”


  • “I’m feeling overwhelmed with gratitude to you. You are inspiring- with your passion and dedication to what you love. Your example of a loving and honest presence is very appreciated. I’ve done at least 9 different yoga teacher training and assisted my teacher’s in theirs. This one was unique and you have a way about you that I certainly admire and can learn more from. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will share your praises and help to promote you as I know and feel that your motivation to teach and share is authentic and for a greater purpose.”