Perseverance Journal

📝  Write down your thoughts, complete your gratitude list and accurately keep track of your meditation practice with this beautifully designed affirmation journal. With this aerial yoga inspired journal you can nurture your creativity, mindfulness, and self-motivation.

🖌 Additional space allows you to doodle, create ritual reminders and things to source and try during your week.

🥰 This inspirational and motivational journal will brighten the face of proud parents, grandparents, son and daughter, other family member and friends of yogi.

The printable comes in 100 colored pages 8.5 x 11"

It is intended to facilitate you in journaling with the Empowerment Edition Deck.


 Weekly meditation log

 No overlay watermarks

 Static PDF files are also included

 Doddle pages

 Ritual Creation pages

 Intention / breakthrough page

 Question prompts

 For kids and adults

 Use this journal however it inspires you, be as creative

 One of a kind drawings



This Journal is an awesome gift for yoga enthusiast, practitioner and trainer.

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