Galaxy Affirmation Cards

The Empowerment Edition includes a deck of 44 cards, each with a hand-drawn design of a strong aspiring woman. It is in our aerial tradition that after every practice we layout a deck and pull the card that radiates the most energy toward us. With the card that is drawn, we take that affirmation with us throughout our day to serve as a reminder of the bewildering things we are capable of. 


Material: 400gsm Art Paper

Printing: 4C/4C w/ Design

Surface Finish: Matte lamination for both sides

Folded Booklet:

Material: 128gsm Art Paper

Size: Folded size 89x127mm - 5 folds, 10 pages in total Printing: CMYK printing for both sides

Surface finish: Matte lamination for both sides

Magnetic Book Style Box:

Material: 157gsm art paper+1200gsm grey cardboard +157gsm art paper

Printing: CMYK printing for outside of the box 

Surface Finish: matte lamination for both sides of the box+gold foil for outside of the box


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