Revolutionizing Aerial Yoga in an increasingly technological world

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Become part of an innovative, intensive, and imaginative new industry: online Aerial Yoga. Take your practice anywhere. From the beach to the mountains, our app and hammocks are adaptable to any space and place you may find yourself in. 

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Practice Aerial Yoga anywhere

Aerial Yoga App is the new way to stay fit and inspired without having to go to an Aerial Yoga studio. Enjoy your Aerial Yoga classes everywhere you decide to hang your silks. Aerial Yoga App was created by T Mac, a world-renowned Aerial Yoga teacher. From the time you enter her class she would like you to suspend your worries and trust yourself to change your perspective.

In addition to amazing Classes the app also takes care of all your other Aerial Yoga needs. Buy a hammock in the Store, go through themPose Directory and work on your poses or connect with others sharing the same passion.

Joining the aerialist world you don’t defy gravity, you defeat it.  

We Hope you’re #DTF (down to fly). Namaste.