Hanging Your Hammock

We value simplicity. Rigging your hammock is easy and doable with a few essential tools. 


Aluminum Bearpaw Rigging plate

This device allows you to rig multiple parts together to create a smooth swivel for your hammock, dance trapeze, net, straps, or chains and removes unwanted friction and wear on your materials allowing longer use of your equipment.

It allows the individual lines to separate and spin, which is recommended for all two point acts.


Aerial Swivel

This device allows you to swivel smoothly. Ideal for Aerial Yoga Silks! They are made from high density aircraft aluminium which is guaranteed to be sturdy and support heavy weight.


 Carabiners with O rings

Use the carabiners to attach your hammock to butterfly straps. Carabiners lock tightly to ensure safety in your hanging hammock.