“Our mission is to bring Aerial Yoga to the people. We provide Hammocks, Training Consulting, and our trendy app to spread the love for Aerial Yoga all over the world.” -Tmac


T Mac is a world-renowned Aerial Yoga teacher. From the time you enter her class she would like you to suspend your worries and trust yourself to change your perspective. She has been an advisor in setting up studios all around the world from La Jolla to Thailand.

Joining the aerialist world you don’t defy gravity, you defeat it. T Mac has been hosting Aerial Yoga Teacher Trainings through her company Galaxy Lifestyle for 7 years guiding teachers to their highest potential. Hopefully you’re #DTF (down to fly) with her one day soon.

“In gratitude dream, ask, believe and know it is yours”


Our offerings include the following:

  • Hosting Aerial Yoga teacher trainings

  • Sell Aerial Yoga Hammocks

  • Organize events and workshops

  • Consult studios for their Aerial Yoga setup

We are very committed to our craft and to bring Aerial Yoga to the people.

T Mac created Galaxy Lifestyle in 2010.


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