Ultimate Potential Journal

Financial Organizer with Expense & Bill Tracker. Yoga Invoice, Attendee, Crypto and Investment Logs. Weekly Planner and Social Media templates. Class and Workshop Overviews and much more.


  • ✅ TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR YOGA BUSINESS: Are you in need of a yoga Financial planner to organize your success? Well, Ultimate Potential Journal is your guide to elevate you! This yoga business journal is spacious and therefore perfect for larger handwriting, and it also includes extra pages for savings, debt and investment tracking to help you reach your financial plans in no time! It comes with crypto beginner pages to help you keep logs and start researching investments!
  • ✅ LIVING YOGA ON AND OFF YOUR MAT: Set goals for your yoga class and personal life. Keep track of your classes you teach and invoices sent out. Put reminders of programs that run your business for payments due, cost and renewal plan. Keep track of workshops, who attends, studio cost, and much more. Make space for improvements by recording your experience in this ultimate potential journal and life up to it.
  • ✅ YOGA INSPIRED PERSONAL AND FINANCE JOURNAL : Size 8.5 x 11 starts with 2 Yearly Financial Summary pages for financial goal setting, 2 pages for Business and Revenue Idea Canvas, followed by 12 Weekly meditation log, Yoga Invoice Chart & Workshop logs, expense trackers & Doddle pages. Ritual Creation pages. There are pages to cut out of the journal you can place your Crypto information to hide and keep safe. Yoga business quick checklist page gives you information to cover to run a successful and profitable yoga business. 100 Page colored Journal and Financial planner to organize your yoga business.

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