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Nurture Your Neighbor Aerial Workshop

This Tuesday at 7:15pm Govindi Juneja, Shannon Trujillo and TMac Vogt, the newest additions to the Prokor family, are conducting a “Nuture Your Neighbor” Aerial Workshop. Perfect for the beginner, advance and aerialist teachers who want to learn a little more about hands on assists and helping one another go deeper.

During the holidays, there are so many people we try and care for, we get lost in the hustle bustle of “getting things done”. Lets take a moment to even things out as we give AND receive the benefits of hands on assists and massages. We will be working in pairs, using the weight of our body, our hands and feet, to help one another go into delicious stretches we never thought possible.

We will begin with a fun warm up to prime the body to go deeper. Then we will partner up for some restorative stretching and mini massages. Throwing in some loving-filled inspiration and ending with an empowering meditation to leave you feeling more open physically and emotionally.

One of the most rewarding experiences is when we open our hearts to help others heal and through those experiences, we heal ourselves.

What to Bring/ Wear:

Comfortable yoga clothes (preferably more form fitting)

We will provide towels, water and your choice of tea